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OPT application pending initial review- can I go to India

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  • OPT application pending initial review- can I go to India

    Hi Everybody,

    I am graduating on Dec 7,2013. I have applied for OPT where my start date is Jan 2,2014. The application has been received by the USCIS office on Oct 29,2013 and it is in the initial review stage. I have an internship offer letter and the internship starts from Jan 5,2013. Can I travel between Dec 8,2013 and Jan 1st, 2014? If I travel, what is the risk that I will be taking? In order to enter back into the states, what documents would I require?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    1) Expedite it as soon as you get your order receipt number.. you can give them these reasons: (that you are graduating in Dec and you need it by then plus.. you have a Internship offer. if you don't join the company on time, they will have a financial loss)

    2. If you don't expedite, its not likely that you will get it less than 60 days. ( You might have to wait till Jan end )

    This is what I think !.. and I don't know about your Indian Trip.


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          you are fine .. only risk is if that denied you can not come back..


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            1. Valid VISA
            2. Valid I20
            3. Valid Passport
            4. EAD Card
            5. Offer letter of client better to keep it a side

            I personally don't recommend you to travel but if you have all those can afford a risk


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              Check this link for information on:
              Status,Travel Recommendation, Travel Risk Level, What documents are needed