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How to Renew License while waiting for OPT Extension?

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  • How to Renew License while waiting for OPT Extension?

    I am on my OPT and I have applied for OPT STEM EXTENSION. Now that my OPT is expired on OCT 18th and I am waiting on extension, and on top of it my license is expired.
    1. Is there any way that I can renew my license while waiting for my OPT Extension?

    This was posted on on October 29th 2013

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    You have to wait for OPT card. No choice


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      No chance...have to wait on OPT


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        You can renew your lisence if your OPT is mentioned on your I-20. But They will only give you an extention till the day your OPT starts on your OPT application. . . or they will consider the 60day leway after the I-20 expiration and give you a license for those 20 days. I think you can get a temp license but not sure.


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          I'm not sure but doesn't your I-20 for OPT extension suffices your requirement to get the driver's license. I-20 should mention your start and end date for the extension and based on it you may get the license. Not sure though.


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            Take your OPT EXTENSION I20 and they ll renew your license. I did the same !!


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              like in California u can get licence even if u r undocumented .. where as in texas it is not possible .. so bttter to check with u r DMV call center or post u r state over here i can can look u r state laws ..