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Pre-OPT in 60 days?

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  • Pre-OPT in 60 days?

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    I need an answer for this question. very urgent. I request you to post this to the page-
    I am joining a full time job on CPT (allowed in our school). My CPT ends on 31st Dec and I am just applying Pre-opt on 25th oct.My desired start date for Pre-OPT is Jan 1st. I am applying with less than 90 days time frame.

    1. Will the Uscis process it in 60 days and send me EAD card before the mentioned start date?

    Please answer.

    This was posted on on 25th Oct 2013

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    It all depends on your luck. If they are not so busy, you will get it on time. I have applied for Pre-OPT 35 days back, still waiting for it. You can also request for expedite' as soon as you get your 'order receipt number' ( you will have to send ur job offer letter, a expedite request letter from your employer, WHEN YOUR EXPEDITE request is accepted). Otherwise, you gotta wait !!


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      Typically Pre-Opts take 75 to 90 days approximately.. So there is no guarantee that you will receive it within 60 days. You can include the employment letter in your application tho!


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        It depends on luck it may take more than 60 days too. So when you apply just add expedite request letter along with offer letter. They will send it soon


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          don worry u will get it..i got mine within 4 weeks..processing center was vermont..just relax


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            all the best