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First time OPT denial what are the options

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  • First time OPT denial what are the options


    My friend had an issue with his visa status, he had applied for OPT but it got rejected because he has sent the mail to USCIS after 30 days of i-765 issued from the university.

    So is there anyone with the same situation or are there any suggestions to maintain his visa status.

    Can he apply for other universities (if so what kind of program is suggestable) less expensive universities if you know any please suggest.

    When can he apply for H1-B ? Can he apply before the course work is finished or he has to finish the course work he opted for to maintain the status ? or can he apply his OPT again before finishing the course or after ?

    Sravanthi Aluri

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      1. Possible options are he can hire a lawyer and open MTR. He can join an another university
      2. Will suggest some if major is defined
      3. If its F1 he can use OPT as he hadn't utilized OPT and then go for extension if he has one and then H1 or he can apply directly to H1
      4 He can apply before 60 days after fininshing the course


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        it is 30 days after.I20 issued..
        1 check with sevis if it is active then he can go to new school if not he may need to.get out and.come back .. or reinstaement
        2 see 1
        3 in general an employer can.apply any cap season if the cap is avilable .. applicant should be in.status if not cos might not approved depends on severity they could deny h1 also .
        4 yes it is possible
        5 yes check pre completion opt ,post completion opt ..


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          If your friend status is still active he can apply for opt again and he should be in 60 days priority period


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            Thanks alot Guys, I have almost the same issue. My first OPT was denied due to the late submission and by the time I got the denial letter it was over the 60 days after graduation date grace period. My question is if I register for a 9 months certificate program, is it possible to apply for the missed OPT again and if yes, when is the earliest time I can apply for it? After one semester or when? I am looking for a very cheap certificate in computer science that I can fit in now, please suggest?


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              can u please call me back i have the same situation now.
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