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    I did MS in Mechanical engineering. My OPT started from Feb 1 and after 2 months of start date I joined an IT consulting firm (I gave that employer information at my school) but I havent got any projects until July so I changed the consulting firm but I havent updated that as my employer at school. Now I am close to OPT extension so I was thinking to update the employer information. So is it recommended to change employer information at my school now or should I do it directly while applying for OPT extension, and how soon should I apply for OPT extension. Is there going to be a problem in OPT extension? If any of you have any suggestions about it please post it here. Thanks in advance.

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      Most of the time all the universities say that you have to update the change of employer information within 10days of your new emplyment so I would say its a good idea to update the information to your school atleast now as you have already changed your employer and regarding OPT extension in my case I have applied two months ahead of my initial OPT expiration date and my application is still under initial review so its a good idea to apply for opt extension atleast 30-60days ahead so that you can get your extension in timely manner. All these details are just based on my experience. Good luck!!


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        1. You should have updated it by now.It is recommended to change the employer once talk with DSO too.
        2. You should apply 2 months before OPT Intial expiry that is by November end
        3. Depends


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          1 it is law u should apply with in 10 days of change
          2 you can apply any time 3-6 months is good time to do


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            3 hmm I dont.know how legal u r employment history was ..


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              2 it should be before u r end of first OPT ..