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Working full time but want to join a consultant

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  • Working full time but want to join a consultant

    I am currently working full time at a Non profit research organization (biomedical engineering). The job is good but is underpaid and will always remain the same compared to biotech industry. After my OPT extension they would probably do my J1 or academic H1. I am thinking to shift to a desi consultant and look for programming jobs (biostats) through them. Is it a good idea to leave a full time job while on opt extension and join a consultant and get H-1 for next year?

    Any replies are appreciated.

    Thank you

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    the one you currently have is very risk of quota or no risk of stamping for h1 .. so think about it ..
    and one more thing cap exempted h1 are not transferable to others .
    where as consulting side you might get more money but they are lot of shady consulting business out there hey can ruin u r life and for stamping u need client support ..


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      Stick to biotech, h1 for IT is a lottery


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        hmm both is lottery .. but for non profit research organisations they are unlimited weather it is IT or biotech


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          an institution of higher education, a related or affiliated nonprofit entity, a nonprofit research organization, or a governmental research organization .. those are cap exempted situations


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            Is it easy to change u r visa status from a non-profit to a profit organization? I heard the process is very difficult and you end up working at low wages though u r job is good.


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              no u need to wait for another cap season