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OPT with consultancy or Direct job ( Question that troubles many students)

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  • OPT with consultancy or Direct job ( Question that troubles many students)

    Hi All,

    My question is, which is the best of the below options taking H1b sponsorship, Green card etc into consideration.
    1. To go with a Desi consultancy which promises to start the GC process while on OPT.
    2. To go with an American Consultancy(TEKsystems etc).
    3. Wait and find a direct job.

    Also, Would it be better if I use some months of my CPT working for a consultancy (Desi or anyother) and while on OPT, try and find a direct job and switch from the consultancy to the job? What role does a consultancy play in getting a student approved for H1b?
    Thanks in advance.

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      To answer ur question 1, 2 and 3. No one goes to consultancies when they get a direct job that sponsors h1b. If u get a direct job its great. At the same time dont wait until ur opt end date to decide on sonething.

      To answer ur question 4 consultancies wont prefee that option.

      To answer your last question a cobsultancy is also a company who employs u. He will be ur employer who sponsors u.


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        thank you. Yes i understand no one would prefer to join a consultancy if they can find a direct hire.. The question here is abt what should we do if we couldn't find a direct hire..? Which desi or American consultancy will work good?


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          Every thing depends on the year and month you file the green card. Leave the rest. So 1,2,3 are not valid questions.
          4. If you use few months of CPT it is not a problem. If you use more than a year then you are not valid for OPT. Then you got to start with H1
          5. Consultancy earns from you and pays a little back while sponsoring for H1. Consultancy is a way to make you stay on status irrespective of Job


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            Anything is a consultancy....But American Consultancies maintains standards and there is less scope to fake


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              First of all finding a direct job is hard if u r on opt (doesnt matter whether the give h1/not).. Dont bother. Go to a desi consultant immediately. I MEAN IMMEDIATELY. Get a job, the mosq valuable thing a desi consultant can give and no one even your $1mn can give is REAL EXPERIENCE in the states and if you get something related to your major then even better. No one on earth can get you an interview with high ranked people in large firms but these consultants. I know they dont give a damn about u; they dont pay what u deserve. But you EXPERIENCE even 1 year. If you stick to 1 consultancy, and if u gain each others trust after almost 1 year, they will sponsor h1/gc..


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                All u r question are depends on how a company following law and willing to Sponsor ..


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                  American cobsultancy is not recommended when u r in opt. They follow regular procedure that a direct hire company would follow. Desi consultancy will work fine in opt. Check myvisajobs for their visa sponsor rating n make a decision