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    I am currently on a 12 month OPT, which expires on Jan 1, 2014. I applied for a STEM extension on Sep 13 and the decision is still pending. I am worried as to what would happen in case my STEM extension gets rejected. I have a PhD degree in Electrical engineering. I am considering the following two options below and I need clarification if they could be pursued.

    Lets say my STEm extension gets rejected and I get to know it by the end of November. So, essentially I would have one more month before my current OPT expires. I would like to know if I could get an academic position (like postdoc or lecturer) in a university within this one month and apply for a academic H1. If I do that, is it necessary that I get my academic H1 approved before Jan 1, 2014 (expiry date of my current OPT) or is it enough if I just apply?

    The following is the second option. I know that I have 60 days grace period. Can I search for an academic position in those 60 days and apply for an academic H1? Is it necessary that I get my academic H1 approved before the 60 days grace period or is it enough if I just apply?

    Some clarification will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    You also have option of getting converted to J1 visa at an academic institute


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      cap exempted H1 should approve before your 60 day grace period any way you can get premium service it takes about less than 15 processing days .. in may case it was 2 days ..


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        Why do you feel your OPT extension would get denied ?? Did you receive an RFE ?? IF your current OPT is valid till Jan 1, and you get your denial decision before that, as per my understanding, you can refile. Avoid the mistake you did earlier and refile with the help of an attorney or your school DSO. You get 60 days grace period from the end of your 12 month OPT which would start from Jan 1.