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OPT Start Date? Is it risky to use full grace period?

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  • OPT Start Date? Is it risky to use full grace period?

    I am graduating in may 2013 and right now I am in the process of filing an OPT application. I want to know about what date I should take as starting of my OPT period as I don't have any offer in my hand. I have heard from people that to get max time for searching a job you should utilize full 60 days grace period and start OPT period from 61st day after the day you graduate.

    But recently from some other friends I came to know that it is risky to utilize whole grace period in case if something gets late etc etc. I want to know that is it really risky to use full grace period because of some reason that I am not aware of? what date I should pick? my graduation day is may 23, 2013 and I can pick any date from 24th may to 22nd July as my OPT start date. Please guide. Any other suggestions for this issue are welcome.

    This was posted on on march 6th 2013

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    This is exactly the dilemma I'm having myself as well. The thing is, if you apply for your OPT for a later date and find a job before that, they might be unwilling to start with you since you need another month maybe to give them your authorization to work.


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      This is a tough one and needs planning and coming up with most probable date that works for you.

      If you are actively looking for a job prior to 90 days of graduation, you will have a better sense on choosing EAD start date. Usually it takes time to get through Personal Interview,HR Interview, background checks, Drug test and others. Once these tests are done, you will be sent an offer letter with joining date. Read more at this link