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Working & OPT Extension denied? Urgent help

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  • Working & OPT Extension denied? Urgent help

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    Hi Guys, Need your help urgently. My OPT extension got denied yesterday. I'm not sure of the reasons yet why it got denied.
    -My OPT expired on June 3rd 2013,I'm currently in a job.
    -My Employer is asking me to join a xyz college that offers CPT from day 1,so that he can apply for my H1 during April 2014.

    1.Is it worth it to proceed with this solution as I've been denied OPT extn.
    2.will it not have impact on my H1? I'm yet to receive the letter from USCIS.
    3.Kindly provide me with what is the best possible step I can proceed on.

    Please help me out guys.Thanks!

    This was posted on on 19th Oct 2013

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    1. There are some schools which offer CPT from day 1 but instead of them join in school where u can complete maters in 9 months - year
    2. Depends on reaon. If you feel that your denial is unfair hire an atoorney and you may file a MTR


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      hmm little bit complex matter ..
      1 yes join in a good accredited school .. and always remember CPT is to help u r curriculum(part of u r study) not for employment..
      2 if u fallow law it would not any problem .. Denial of opt usually does not effect u r h1 but it depends on reason ..


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        Always wait until you get the letter from USCIS about why you got denied. It is always recommendable to Consult an attorney and tell him the reason why you got denied and he will definitely give you a better advice. One of my friend got denied with OPT Extension and he thought of applying for an university and he found that his SEVIS was out of status and he consulted an attorney and submitted the documents adviced by him regarding his case and he was then approved for OPT Extension. My suggestion is to wait and until you get the letter from USCIS and talk to attorney and then proceed accordingly and also call your current university after receiving the letter and find out whether your SEVIS is ACTIVE or not. For sure consult an Immigration attorney.


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          hey can you plz provide the name of the immigration attorney to which your friend has consulted ?