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  • opt stem extension denied

    I'm an f1 student graduated 2012 , My opt expired on JUNE 2013 .
    i applied for STEM extension and got RFE on employment history. so i prepared detailed documents and made sure i was not over 90 day unemployment. all employers are everified.

    Stem extension denied on oct 17 2013 ? Not yet received the letter from USCIS.

    My concerns/assumption regarding my case denial are,
    1) I switched between three employers
    2) I was on paid JOB only until SEP 2012- DEC 2012(June till sep was training) . From JAN 2013 till AUG 2013 i was with two different employers on unpaid internship

    what are the options i have ? My SEVIS status is complete, but my employer is asking me to join in any university(exists just for this reason) for the purpose of continuing in US(which i do not want to do) , even if i get admission should i have to goto port of entry again? If so will i have issue entering with I20 from different university and visa approved for my earlier university?

    if i get admission from a good university for a higher level PHD or MBA , will i have issue coming back to US ?

    is there difference between traveling to india and coming back again or just crossing the border?

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    Hi anna... My situation is the same... even i got my OPT extension denied on oct 17th.... i almost have the same case... am also looking for univ's which can offer me CPT... do let me know if you find any other options


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        1. Explain when the day your OPT is started?. Did employer start payroll during your training. Explain it exactly. Options are
        You can file an MTR (Motion to Response) or Join any University for spring enrollment
        2. If your VISA is not expired, you do not need to go to port of entry
        3. You will be issued an I20 from new university
        4. Not at all. Getting admitted int PHD is always a better option than Double MS. You won't have an issue at all
        5. You have 60 days to take a decision. You have to be in some status. You can't go to India at this point of time. If you go you can't come back. Again you have to attend a VISA.


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          U still have to re enter to continue stayin here. If u do a higher degree then u ll get opt n extension again bt if it is masters u wont. U can enter with an I-20 from any univ doesn't have to be the same. I had the same exact prob. Going to India wud not be a good decision.


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            2 yes
            3 not for that reason
            4 not for that reason
            5 Price ( but no immigration diff )..


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              It is always recommendable to Consult an attorney and tell him the reason why you got denied and he will definitely give you a better advice. One of my friend got denied with OPT Extension and he thought of applying for an university and he found that his SEVIS was out of status and he consulted an attorney and submitted the documents adviced by him regarding his case and he was then approved for OPT Extension. My suggestion is to wait and until you get the letter from USCIS and talk to attorney and then proceed accordingly and also call your current university after receiving the letter and find out whether your SEVIS is ACTIVE or not. For sure consult an Immigration attorney.


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                Hi All, as i have mentioned that my OPT is denied, and i still dint get the denial reason, in meanwhile, i have found two options
                1) File for re-instatement for sevis with New I-20
                2) Re-entry the country with new I-20 from the University?

                My question is what might be chances for reinstatement? And the documentation for it?
                If i want to re enter the country can i go to India and re-enter? which country i can go and re-enter, most of people mentioned Mexico, but for visiting Mexico also we need VISA and from which side we can enter?

                If any one who has gone through this please let me know the details.... Visiting Mexico