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Joining Date after exhausting Unemployment period

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  • Joining Date after exhausting Unemployment period


    I am currently on OPT. I have 14 days left out of my 90 days unemployment period. I have an offer letter from a company but its joining date is delayed due to background verification process and I might receive a joining date after I have exhausted the unemployment period. Is this going to be a problem? Is it enough to just have an offer within the stipulated unemployment period or do I need to have a joining date within that period? Please advice.

    Thank you.

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      Go ahead and update ur sevis with old joing date .. according to law It should be the date you join in the conpany .. but practical reasons it is not easy to enforce ..


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        If u dont update it could be a problem when u applying for extension


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          As far as I know USCIS do not know how to handle unemployment perfectly...What you do is Just update to your DSO that you joined on 89th day of your unemployment..


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            states get the new hire report and exchange to other states for child support program .. and SSA&IRS only gets only W2 info at the year end .. DHS has everify case data i dont know about uscis can access that data or not ..


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              but they manage sevip data so major reason for RFE about employment history is that out students lack of knowledge about reporting requirements


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                yea well said