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OPT STEM extension RFE - Employment History

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  • OPT STEM extension RFE - Employment History

    I graduated in June 2012. I worked on CPT(from Jan 2012) with EMPLOYER 'A' until June 15th and also graduated on the same day(June 15th).
    My OPT started on Aug 4th, 2012. And I started working with EMPLOYER 'B' from Sept 20th till Nov 30th, 2012. Meanwhile I started working with EMPLOYER 'C' from NOV 15th, 2012 till July 23rd, 2013. And I started working with EMPLOYER 'B' again from July 24th, 2013 to PRESENT.
    I got an RFE saying "Provide Employment history from June 2012 To Present including Job Description, how it relates to degree program, start - end dates from employer's, paystubs, w2's etc"

    1. I did my masters in electrical engineering, but the job I am doing with EMPLOYER 'C' is in IT industry, so how do I relate it to my degree program??? (Remaining two jobs are related to Electrical)
    2. I was unemployed for almost 45 days in my OPT (we can be unemployed upto 90 days right?)

    I have all the paystubs and w2's and start-end date letters from all the Employer's

    Should I provide any further information to them and will this RFE be a problem???

    Thank you... for your advices...

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    which center did u apply?
    I also got the same rfe


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      Hello Ricky,

      Your message was posted on Facebook wall. Please find responses from reader.
      Date- Oct 16th 2013

      OPT STEM extension RFE - Employment History Get OPT/CPT Experiences to your inbox via Hi, I Graduated in June 2012. -I worked on CPT(from Jan 2012) with EMPLOYER 'A' until...


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        You should provide the info..RFE is meant to be cleared. Prepare proper documentation nd submit.
        Include the name of each employer,
        dates of employment,
        title of position,
        physical location of the work place,
        description of job duties,
        hours worked per week and salary.
        Include copies of pay summaries or Pay Stubs.
        Include a copy of your 2012 Form W-2's.


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          coming to first question hire an immigration attorney, he will relate some how


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            Talk to employer C if he could change u r job title and description related to u r field .. like network admin .. system admin


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              I would also.suggest u to hire an attorney .. even this is simple RFE misunderstanding could lead to denial..


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                *Responses from readers are based on their personal experience and should NOT be considered as Legal advise.
                DSO should be your first point of contact. For legal advise contact Attorney's prior to taking any action .

                In addition to readers responses, please contact Attorneys regarding Immigration matters. DesiOPT is collaborating with 5 attorneys. You can contact them directly via email/ phone. Initial Consult is Free. Their information is listed on home page.

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                  I'm also in the same problem can you suggest me. But i'm in same field in both Master's and Employment