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OPT extension query and what if it gets denied..?

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  • OPT extension query and what if it gets denied..?

    Hi guys,

    I have a query on my application for OPT extension and the due date for the reply is Oct 28th. It seems to me that the OPT extension application is likely to be denied after consulting my attorney. So, I am planning to transfer my SEVIS to another university. So, my question is, after replying to the USCIS on the query for the time being, can I transfer my SEVIS sometime during the first week of November and keep it active, with the start date of classes from January? Is it legal to be without getting enrolled in any class for these many days (approx 60-90 days) but SEVIS being active? or is that option even possible.

    Please look into this guys and leave your valuable inputs. This helps me a lot.. Thanks in advance..

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      What was the Query on your opt extension??


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        U ll have 60days from the date of ur initial OPT expiration. So plan based on that to maintain ur status.


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          You have to answer your RFE and if you decide to withdraw your opt ext, you will not get it back. Please contact USCIS regarding this and you will need to reinstate your status since it will be in complete mode after you withdrew it.


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            Is OPT for anyone who has completed a masters degree from US? In the field of Business or IT? Does it refers to having an employment offer from the employer and then applying OPT. Please inbox me details I would appreciate that, and also Share the source of the information. thanks


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              If your opt is denied you will have 60 days period. The admissions of the spring varies from univ to univ. So try applying to univ asap with cpt providing univ from day 1.


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                Will opt extension be denied becoz of govt shutdown and everify being unavailable? Someone plz respond


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                  Hello .. If your OPT extension gets denied, then you have 60 days of grace period from the end of your 12 month OPT expiration date to leave the country or to change to any other status. You can stay in the US if the classes start within 5 months after your initial OPT ended, else you will have to leave and come back. Also you need to get an admit and have your SEVIS transferred to the new university before the end of your 60 day grace period. You have an option to file an MTR but that usually takes a very long time and you can technically stay in the US till a decision is made on the MTR, but in case your MTR is denied you will accumulate illegal presence from the time your 60 day grace period ends. If you accumulate upto 180 days of illegal presence you can be barred from the US for upto 3 years. Please take a wise decision after considering all your options. Good luck.