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  • Reduced Course Load

    i have finished all my course work and only left with these defense. My i -20 is shorten to August 30 and i have i applied for post completion OPT. But i have registered 1 credit thesis hour for fall. do i need to update the SEVIS as reduced course load.

    when i ask DSO, he saying since my I-20 is shorten , we don't need put Reduced course load.

    Any one had same situation ? does my DSO saying is correct ?

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      I completed my masters in 1 year and 4 months. During my last semester I did only 6 credits which is less when compared to a full time student. So I filled my reduced course load. So you too should fill reduced course load. Because If you go to India in this mean time, Immigration officer recognizes you as a student who is under F1 rules with the help of reduced course load form


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        in my case my I-20 is shorten and I have applied for post completion OPT..... still do I need to put reduced course load??