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  • OPT Doubts

    I filed OPT on 30 Sept and I received an e-mail and SMS message that my documents have been accepted and have been sent to Processing center.
    However,my check has not been encashed till now. Also, I haven't received I797 receipt.

    Can someone tell me
    1) If the I797 receipt and e-mail notification (that I received ) are the same thing ?
    2) How much time does it take to get the check cashed ?

    I just want to make sure that I797 receipt doesn't have any important notice. I hope USICS people will convey any document / fee requirement via email as well as postal mail .

    Please help

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    Hi there!

    I797 receipt and e-mail notification are not the same. You should be receiving it separately in USPS mail.

    I would not worry much about check being not cashed as you got the email confirmation that they received your application. eventually they will cash it at the time of processing.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I want to know can there be any difference between I797 and email notification ?

      I don't know when would my I797 arrive via USPS. Just wanted to make sure that if there is something wrong with my application / or something missing will they inform me via email as well ? Or they would just send a postal mail . I hope you got my question .

      And by "I would worry much about check being" you mean I would [B]not[/B] worry much ?



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        Your I 797 should arrive soon. Allow them some time as their is Govt shut down.