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Lost Passport on OPT F1 Visa re-issue, STEM extension - Really Need Help

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  • Lost Passport on OPT F1 Visa re-issue, STEM extension - Really Need Help

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    I really need some help, I lost passport with I94 and F1 visa and am currently on my OPT period.I have my EAD card,applied for a new passport and got an electronic copy of my I 94.Would I need to get my Visa stamped again for an OPT extension and will the loss of my passport create a problem for the same. also this is long term but while filing for my H1 will I need to show valid visa on my passport or will a color photocopy do,as i have a color photocopy of my Visa.

    This was posted on on 6th Oct 2013

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    they will never issue temporary visa.


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      Register a complaint in police station.
      Apply for a new passport.
      Inform to US Embassy that you lost your passport and visa.
      Apply for a new visa when you go back to your home country.
      Make sure you carry all your documents, transcripts , police case etc


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        Go to Indian Embassy in your city and they will issue a passport and give you a temporary VISA. When you go to your home country attend a formal interview and they will re issue the VISA


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          If yu not going out of the us I don't think there is a prob. But if yu go out yu need a visa transfer to ur new passport


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            if u want travel out side and come back u will need to go for stamping .. if not u are fine no need to worry