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ALERT: Government Shutdown effects on OPT/H1B Visa

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  • ALERT: Government Shutdown effects on OPT/H1B Visa

    The government’s fiscal year ends today, and without legislation authorizing spending to continue, whether for the full fiscal year or even a few weeks, many federal offices and services will be shuttered starting today.

    Here is what likely will happen based on previous shutdown

    ·E-verify will not be operating.
    ·New H-1B filings will be affected; existing H-1B visas likely will not be
    ·Visas to the United States and passport processing will be delayed
    ·Already strapped Immigration Courts will be slowed down.

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    This was posted on on oct 1st 2013

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    This sucks for us BIG time.


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      OMG! My OPT started recently and I went to get my SSN but they say they can't give me number till the government shutdown is over. What to do. M scared


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        @Sara - Your question will be posted on our wall at on October 3rd please follow the post and forum.*** Don't Miss Important Topics, Subscribe to our Newsletter at ***
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          @Sara - When do you need to start working ? You can be unemployed upto 90 days on OPT hence waiting for Government to open up for few days may be alright. Please do call attorneys and your DSO to make sure you are not violating any rules


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            Hey. Thanks for replying. I am looking for work. My OPT started on 1st October


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              Also, Could you please let me know that if I marry an American citizen but go to some other state to work, will that be a problem in applying for GC?


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                @Sara - your question regarding GC is a different topic - Please post a 'New Thread' and post your question