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eligibility for h1b visa.

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  • eligibility for h1b visa.

    Hi I am currently on opt and this is my first time. I finished a certificate but havent completed my bachelors. Am I eligible for h1b if an employer sponsors me? Also I havent been able to find a job because my major is in animation/graphics design/visual effects. How long will I be able to stay unemployed. And what if I dont get a job? Thank you.

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      When you apply for an H1b there is a requirement that you have to me to be simple an straight... H1b is for specialized Occupation, Means there is a necessity and you have equivalent level of education or equivalent level of work experience or a combination of both.... This will also depend on how you present your self to be applicable for the job... and Final and most important is that it the employers responsibility to prove that and get an H1b for you.... Good Luck..!!!


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        On Opt you have 90 days that you can look and find some job... Try to make your case little strong be presenting more certifications or some relevant experience....


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          Thank you very much for you replies. Since I am not an IT student its been very hard for me to find a job. I am currently looking for jobs in Visual effects, game art, 3d artist, or graphic designer. I have already applied to number of companies but none of them have given me a positive reply. I know VFX industry is really down in US right now. Do anyone have similar experience? Any helpful tips/ideas/suggestions would help.