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Transfer student - Possible OPT and Visa issue

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  • Transfer student - Possible OPT and Visa issue

    I am doing my Masters at San Jose State University (SJSU), California and am planning to transfer to a different course that comes under STEM category at International Technological University (ITU) , California. ITU only recently got its accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the same agency that has accredited SJSU. SJSU has very good reputation, however ITU students who passed out before ITU was accredited face several issues in getting OPT(came to know from their personal experience) . The reason I am changing to ITU is because 1. It is cheaper and easier to graduate from - I am finding it difficult to manage the studies at SJSU 2. ITU offers option to work on CPT right from the beginning. However I have several questions that I think only DesiOPT members can answer.

    1. Will there be any issues in getting OPT after graduating from ITU? I heard that there are delays in OPT of students from ITU but does OPT delay depends on individual or USCIS in the particular state or it does matter whether from which university I graduate from?
    2. One of my friend warned me stating that to be problem free while applying for H1B or Green Card where they would do background verification of the applicant, one has to make sure they graduate from a university that will retain its accreditation and remain problem free at least some 4 or 5 years after one graduate from that university. I would like to know if it is true? ITU is and will stand accredited for my entire duration of study there. However, with all respect to ITU, it is not as big as SJSU and it previously faced issues because it allowed students to work on CPT way early. So the risk factor is always there. So does it really matter if the univ I graduate should also be maintaining its standard,accredition or be trouble free till I get my H1B or even Green Card ?

    Kindly share your valuable replies as I have to start the transfer process asap.

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      Even I have same question.. Is it k if we join ITU or will there be any problem for opt and H1 as most of them told that the university is black listed...


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        Please DONT Go for it you might still face the issue... Please google it before you go for that option....GoodLuck....