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OPT Expires in May, Joining Masters in August - Will I be out of status?

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  • OPT Expires in May, Joining Masters in August - Will I be out of status?

    I am on F-1 visa, finished my undergrad last year and my visa expired few months ago. I know as long as my I-20 is valid I am in legal status. Ok so I working on OPT with a big public firm as an accountant and we are trying to work out some other way than H-1 to stay in company (Other option is CPT). I am planning to start masters in August and my OPT will expire in may. Will I be out of status if I take admission in masters in August??

    This was posted on on march 12th 2013

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    You have 60 days grace period after ur opt finish date..thn the sevis record shows completed


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      ook for schools where u can start taking classes in early july


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        Hassan Ahmad Thanks for sharing your valuable input


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          I am an immigration lawyer - here's a posting to our firm "Blawg" that offers helpful advice on finding a position. A part-time H-1B would allow you to go to school and also allow you to start a green card process, something you could not do with F-1.


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            What date does your OPT end and when does the new program start? You are permitted to remain in the US for 60 days after the completion of your OPT. You are not permitted to work during that time however. Why doesn't your employer want to sponsor you for the H-1? Are they willing to sponsor you for another visa type?


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              Hassan, awesome info