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  • OPT filing with Expiring Passport:

    How to contact USCIS to update about my new passport arrival?

    My passport is expiring in February 2014, it does not have six months validity in the future. I plan to apply for renewal in next few weeks. The ETA of the new passport is mid December.I will not be receiving my new passport until mid December which is too late for my OPT application.
    I graduate in December 2013 and I wish to have my EAD card on right after graduation for potential employment. I wish to apply for OPT right now.

    Attached is the reply from my university ISO Advisor:
    "We can still process your OPT I-20. However it will be up to USCIS's decision. By the time they review your application, they may send you a notice to request an updated passport. Please plan to renewal your passport as soon as possible."

    -How do I apply for OPT and receive the EAD card in time then?
    -Do you happen to know the contact info of USCIS through which I can keep them posted about my new passport arrival?

    This was posted on on 18th September 2013

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    Passport can be renewed in one day.I faced a similar problem last year.Its better to renew your passport in one day instead of communicating back and forth with USCIS.Its not easy.


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      I don't need a passport renewal. I need a NEW passport which will take upto 2 months in time to receive.