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Start date on OPT Employment Verification Letter

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  • Start date on OPT Employment Verification Letter

    Currently on Training, Need advice on date selection.

    I have joined a consultancy and am currently undergoing training. OPT started on July 8th and training started on Aug 6th. I requested an OPT Employment Verification letter from them and they asked me what date I would like (I asked them since I didnt wanna exhaust my 90 day unemployment period) I need some advice on the selection of a date.
    -Can I give Aug 6th as my start date since that's when my training started?
    -Since I am currently training, I wont have any pay stubs. Will that be a problem for H1B later? I would like to know the best date to give. Thank you

    This was posted on 14th Sept 2013

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    August 6th is fine no issues. .