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OPT Extension--Port of entry issue-Please help me

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  • OPT Extension--Port of entry issue-Please help me

    My OPT expires on Feb 14th, 2013 ( I am yet to apply for OPT extension) and I am planning to visit India on 30th NOV and return on 1st JAN.After returning back I am planning to apply for my extension(i.e; on 1st JAN) also I have a valid visa till 2015 and I have a full time job in my field of study.
    Could any one please let me know if there could be any problem while returning back to US. I ask this because, my OPT expires in within one and half month of my return.

    Thanks in advance

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      I believe you can apply for the OPT extension before you leave. As far as I know one can apply for extension 90 days prior to OPT expiration. Get an acknowledgement for the same. Since you have job, a valid visa and all supporting docs (I presume that), you should not have any issues.


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        As long as your OPT doesn't expire with valid visa and I20 with Travel signature, you have no issues. I went two times in the span of 1 year and stayed 2 months each time. I had no issues while returning back, but make sure your port of entry is not any of these places as things are strict here. 1) Chicago 2) Newyork 3) Newark, NJ. Good Luck