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Forgot to answer one question in the OPT Form I-765, How to fix?

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  • Forgot to answer one question in the OPT Form I-765, How to fix?

    I recently mailed my documents to USCIS. But just now I realized that I forgot to answer one question in the Form I-765, which is "date of last entry to US". I feel really desperate right now. What will happen next? How can I fix the problem?

    This was posted on on march 15th 2013

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    call the uscis help line number and send them an e-mail immediately..


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      Contact the National Customer Service center once you get your receipt number. I had error in my mailing address they corrected it in 2 weeks


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        They will ask u if u want to make any changes or correction prior to interview on interview date


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          If they got your i94 and passport copy you should be fine.. They can fill that part out!


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            None of the above responses are correct. The correct course of action is to wait until you get your receipt notice and then file an amended I-765 and send back to USCIS by certified mail. Attach a cover sheet in big letters that says "Amended I-765: Please append to [receipt number]" That way you've covered your bases. In practice, USCIS may overlook the error, but if they don't, they will either reject the filing (in which case you can resubmit) or send an RFE and then you can resubmit the corrected filing with proof that you had sent an amendment before.

            If you'd prefer to do it through a lawyer, contact my firm (703.964.0245)


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              Please share the resolution you did for this problem. I am facing similar issue.