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OPT sent to wrong address: My experience

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  • OPT sent to wrong address: My experience

    I have applied for my Post-OPT on May 27th, 2013. The application reached USCIS on May 30th. On August 6th, there was an RFE on my case and on August 9th I received the RFE details via mail and sent them back on the same day. The RFE was to send my Photos and Signature. On August 14th, USCIS updated that the status to ‘RFE Review’. On August 22nd the status changed to ‘Card Production/Documentation’. On August 27th USCIS updated the card was given to USPS and would be delivered on August 29th.
    On August 29th afternoon, the status of the delivery said ‘Delivered’ but I did not find my card in the mailbox. I followed up with the supervisor of the USPS local office and they said they have raised an investigation and would let me know ASAP. On August 30th, I went to the USPS office to inform them again about the situation and how important the delivery is to me. I also spoke with the delivery person about this and started reaching out to my neighbors assuming that the delivery person would have misplaced it in a different mail box (I stay in a community with over 500 houses).
    On September 3rd (after the long weekend), I called USCIS to inform this and they said the address they had on file was with a different apt number. I was shocked to hear this because I received my receipt number and the RFE documents the right address but not the card (and the approved notice). I had no time to argue with them and had to run to the neighborhood since they were staying close by (my apt is 148 and theirs is 178). After checking with them, they said they have sent the envelope back to USCIS (not sure if they really did or just trying to be nicer). I raised a service request with USCIS and they asked me to contact back after a month!! (Everything takes months and months with USCIS). At least I knew then that it was not USPS mistake but USCIS mistake.
    I had an offer. I did not want to waste my time for a month and so I applied for replacement card on September 4th. (As per the I-9 rules, you can work for 90 days with the approved application receipt number and the replacement application receipt number). I did send the replacement application from the same office (Postal-annex) I sent my previous application (Post-OPT). When the office person typed in my last name, the wrong address automatically popped up and it was the one to which USCIS sent the EAD card to (i.e., apt # 178). After having a conversation with them, I realized that the person who sent my packet from Postal-annex office to USCIS typed the FROM address wrongly causing all these problems. My analysis might be wrong because I still have lot of questions in mind which I don’t have answers to. Whatever it is, the damage has been done. I hope everything goes fine with my replacement application and I will soon join my new job.
    While involved in all this process, one would be depressed and demotivated. My request is to try to cope up with the situation. Be patient and make sure you have done your part right. Make use of the time rather than waiting for the card to arrive. Lastly, don’t lose hope. Hope is the last thing left!

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    DesiOPT appreciates sharing your experience with our readers. We wish you all the best in getting your OPT card.