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Over 100 days and EAD still in 'Initial Review'

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  • Over 100 days and EAD still in 'Initial Review'

    It has been over 100 days since I filed for my OPT and the status is still in "Initial Review". I have a job offer and I have missed my start date. I contacted USCIS on the 90th day and filed an inquiry. I got an email from them saying, "Our records show that your I-765 is currently pending adjudication. We regret that we are unable to provide you with a completion date for your I-765. We apologize for the delay."

    I waited another week before I called them again. This time I filed for OPT expediting based on "Financial Loss". They asked me to wait another 5 days to receive an email reply from USCIS about my inquiry. I have not received anything yet.

    I called the customer service again today and they suggested that I file for an Interim EAD card. I understand that I need to go to a Local Field office to file for this Interim card. The Field Office would review my files and contact the Texas Service Centre (where I had filed for my OPT). The Service Centre would then send me an Interim EAD Card which is valid for 240 days. I understand this process might take a while. I am not even sure how this works and if it would affect the processing time of the original OPT application. Online forums talk about Interim EAD Cards for Green Card applications and none for F1-OPT. At this point, I am not sure if it is even worth it to apply for an Interim Card.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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      Tell me where Interim EAD is issued?

      It's been 5 month 14 days, no news California Service Center, DSOs are of no help ! No Interim EAD, service center said you have been misinformed by CSR, they do not issue Interim EAD.. If anyone has got Iterim EAD let me know, I want to show it as a proof to USCIS..


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        I think Interim is no longer issued. Right now my status is in "Extended Review" and I do not have a set processing time. Its really frustrating knowing that there is nothing I can do.


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          So, how long have you been waiting now? Which Service center?


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            Texas Service Centre. A little over 100 days.


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              When I spoke to Field Officer in San Francisco, he mentioned when they issue, they issue full 1 year card, is that true? Any Idea?


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                No, I have no idea. But I am also looking into talking to an immigration lawyer. I am losing paychecks while they go about delaying my EAD.
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                  Which university? Ask your DSO to send an email to TSC requesting to expedite your case. That should definitely help.


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                    I was told by my employers that each University has a confidential email address to their respective USCIS Service Center, and they can expedite their students application. I contacted my University several times to help me with my situation, but time and again they refused stating that, "There is nothing we can do". I approached several people higher up in the administration and finally the Director of the International Services agreed to contact the USCIS. It has been several days since I have given him my case details and he has not yet gotten back to me. It makes me wonder if my school is serious at all!

                    In the mean time, I approached the Senators office (I found out that Senators office also helps with Immigration problems). They have asked me to fill out some form and get back to them. I am not quite sure how the process works. But I am praying that it does. I really hope no one else has to go through this.


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                      Originally posted by koushik View Post
                      I think Interim is no longer issued. Right now my status is in "Extended Review" and I do not have a set processing time. Its really frustrating knowing that there is nothing I can do.
                      hi koushik i apply for ead april 24 2016 today i got letter my case is under extended review
                      what is extended review and how long its take ? 150 days passed


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                        Use below link to have your problem addressed.



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                          Mostly DSO must help the student regarding these scenarios by addressing applicants concerns to service center.

                          Your DSO can open a Inquiry on your case by writing a EMAIL to USCIS from the following email address as per your case received with respect to the following USCIS Service centers:

                          California Service Center: [email protected]
                          Vermont Service Center: [email protected]
                          Nebraska Service Center: [email protected]
                          Potomac Service Center: [email protected]
                          Texas Service Center: [email protected]
                          The following automated email may be received further a proper resolution will be given based on their processing time.
                          Good Morning/afternoon DSO,

                          Thank you for requesting a review of the application.
                          We have forwarded the information you provided to the concerned Service Officer who are yet to review the application and decision to be taken.
                          We will provide additional information to you as soon as it is available.
                          We hope this information is helpful for you and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

                          USCIS XYZ Service Center
                          Customer Service Unit
                          congressman/senator office can expedite the issue and get a proper reply from USCIS within short duration compared to DSO.


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                            Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 274a.13(d) mandates that USCIS adjudicate a pending Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) within 90 days from the date of receipt.