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Completing masters in 1 year

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  • Completing masters in 1 year

    Hi ,
    I want to complete my masters in one year .Will this have any effect on my opt application .Also on H1b application ,as I took more courses and completed within a year..I took courses in the spring and now completing masters in this fall semester .Please advise me . .So tensed..Thanks . .

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      Not a problem you are allowed to complete your masters soon... DOn't worry


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        U would need to do your masters for one complete year to be eligible for OPT .... check with your DSO as well she will advice u better


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          for opt you need to continuous full term which means at least 9 credit in fall and in spring. and you are good for opt. But if u do spring , thn don't do summer and do fall thn it may create problem.