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Start date of unemployment and employment

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  • Start date of unemployment and employment

    I have 2 questions,

    1. When does the 90 days unemployment begin? e.g. The start date on my EAD card is 06/15, but I only receive it on 06/21. Which date do I start counting from?

    2. What day is considered employed? e.g. I get a job offer before 90 days unemployment, but the start date is after the 90 days unemployment.
    Hypothetically, my 90 days unemployment ends on 09/13, I get a job offer on 09/10 and they want me to start work on 09/16. Is the day I'm offered the job 09/10 considered employed and I didn't go over 90 days? Or is 09/16 considered the day I'm employed and I went over the 90 days unemployment limit?
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    1) OPT period begins from the start date on the EAD card. So 90 days unemployment period will begin on 06/15. Can you let me know whether 06/15 is the date of your EAD approval? Or did you request 06/15 as the start date of OPT? It will be useful for me to know because I am facing a different issue.

    2) You are considered unemployed till the time you start the job. You can request your potential employer to start you early. Or you can work as a volunteer in some other organization: non-profits etc..

    Hope it helps.


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      Thanks for your reply Nisha.

      I requested an earlier date than 06/15, they adjusted it since the date passed during processing. I'm guessing it is the date of EAD approval.


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          my understanding is: 1. the 90 days unemployment started 6/15 (the date on the EAD card).


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            and 2. the start date with your employer is employment the hypothetical situation you stated it is 9/16.


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              You get 90 days + 10 extra days for employment..... if ur start date is within 100 days ... u r good.


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                90 days unemployments count from 5 business days only....Monday through Friday


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                  In 2008 the Department of Homeland Security changed certain rules on the implementations of Optional Practical Training (OPT). The OPT rules are particularly important to many F-1 students as they may need the period of time to stay in OPT before they can apply for change of status to other nonimmigrant status such as H-1B […]


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                    I think it includes all days and not only weekdays. If you think you are going outside the 90 days, maybe you could try unpaid internship? That still counts as employment and is easier to work out.