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What is EAD start date - Requested date or approval date?

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  • What is EAD start date - Requested date or approval date?

    Hello - My EAD application has been in initial review with CA service center since last 120 days. Upon service request, I got a confirmation from service center that it will expedite my case, but I am still waiting. I had a question. What will be the EAD start date? I requested my EAD to start from July 22, 2013. Will I get EAD in which start date would be July 22, 2013? Or will I get EAD whose start date would be the approval date? I am just concerned because more 40 days have already passed from July 22. If I don't get my EAD within next 50 days then will I become uneligible for using EAD card ( as per the 90 days unemployment rule of EAD)? Please let me know if you have more information.

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      The start date will be the date of approval for instance if it is approved on August 25th then OPT start date will be 25th August not the mentioned start date if it is delayed