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Harassed and Fired me: Being a Female how should I handle this Situation?

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  • Harassed and Fired me: Being a Female how should I handle this Situation?

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    Hi DesiOPT,I am a great fan of all the work you are doing. It is simply amazing, how many people have got help though this forum.

    I have a situation, I am on Pre-OPT and my company harassed me few weeks back and then to hide their embarrassment they immediately fired me (happened after hours). They paid my all salary the same day, so I don't return or contact them or the client. The company has been involved in several DoL violations but I
    am not concerned about it.

    Being a female, I want to know how should I handle a harassment case.I wanted to get the prospect of other people, somebody who has been in similar situation or knows somebody who had been harassed and then fired. I have no idea about how to pursue or who to talk to.

    My questions are:
    1. where to file the complaint.
    2. Is it worth to file such complaint, or its better put it in past.
    3. How to make others aware of the situation?

    This was posted on on 30th August 2013

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    I would suggest to make complaint at DOL but not a case as it will reflect bad in future employment ... Take a dig on such issues and move forward, I have faced the same issues earlier but moved on, it's not about being female, it's all about the way their perception is.
    Remember you are a consultant or a full time they are not biased to see if you are comfortable or not, it's we who have to get accustomed ... Sorry to hear you faced such situations.


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      I am so terribly sorry to hear about this situation. Can't she complain to her school career services offi ials ? I am sure they will be able to help. Ofcourse she shouldn't take harrassment lightly. These employers should know better. Also it is good to see a career counsellor at her school and also a personal counsellor in case she needs help handling this situation.


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        sorry to hear that. If you are a IT consultant on a client location the harassment is pretty much common and can happen to anyone irrespective of gender/race


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 can give u some idea


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            So sorry to hear this, perhaps you can get some legal help.


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              You should have a strong evidence....record the situation if you have a chance