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  • opt case pending

    Hello ,

    I applied for OPT STEM extension on July 8th 2013 and still have not received a response. Also I saw that there is some kind of 30 day rule for the OPT application which I was not aware of. My new i20 date was more than 30 days of my application. So far I do not have any response from USCIS and it still shows Initial Review. I have called the 1-800 number and they said that it is not yet 75 days - so I cannot start a case.

    I have the following questions:

    1. If I get rejected on the basis of the 30 day rule what are my options ?
    2. Can I appeal it in some way since I did not know about this rule, neither my DSO mentioned it ?
    3. If I plan to go back to school (if I get a reject) - what to do between this period - mid October to January (since new session will start in January) ?

    Please Help.


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      I do not understand what is the 30 day rule. Can some one please explain it.