Hello everyone, I am new in this forum, and I'd like to appreciate beforehand for any help any member can provide me.
My story is the following:
I am from Spain(EU) and I did my full undergraduate studies in the US with an F-1 Visa. I started my studies in the US in January 2010 and I remained there until June 2012, at that point I decided to complete my senior year of studies in France in an exchange program, but my credits still counted for my US school and I was still enrolled in it. Now I have completed all my credits to be finished and I will graduate in 4 months.
But my question is: Since I did my last year of studies outside the US (although still being enrolled my US university), can I still apply for OPT, or is it required that I spend my last year of studies within the US? My F-1 Visa is still valid as well.

Thank you!