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Chances of Sponsoring me?

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  • Chances of Sponsoring me?

    Hi,I am working on OPT as a mortgage loan processor. My boss told me the bank will keep me for a year and then they will see if they want to hire me. What is the chance of me getting sponsored by the Bank (Associated Bank). This is not a big bank. It is only in 3 states. Thank you!

    This was posted on on 21st August 2013

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    chances are there but what was your major? in masters? that is equally if not more important.


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      It depends on bank. We can't judge it by sitting infront of Laptops right


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        Make sure your degree qualify for OPT extension. From the nature of the job, its a company that dont respect employees. Look for another job.


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          Always plan for the worst; something similar happened to one of my friends and it did not end well.


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            Ask them if they have ever sponsored anyone for an H-1 in the past. If they say that they have, ask what immigration attorney filed the H-1 petition on their behalf? Ask if they have ever sponsored anyone for a green card in the past. If they have never sponsored anyone in the past or if they don't take the process serious enough to hire an immigration attorney, I would recommend that you look for another employer.