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No Pay Stubs, Is it okay to file H1B?

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  • No Pay Stubs, Is it okay to file H1B?

    I am a student on OPT extension ending on July 1st, till now worked for an IT consultancy A, and recently i am out of project on March 1st week. I am on job search now. My Employer A says that he cannot file my H1B without any project in hand, also saying he does not have any inhouse projects to file my H1B on those projects. Even my recent pay stubs was through A.

    Another IT consultancy B, says that they will file for my H1B if i move with them and said they will try to get me into a project or else they will file my H1B through their inhouse Project. I will not have any recent pay stubs through B.

    I am not sure exactly what to do ? I am just 2 weeks away from applying to H1B. Please give me a good suggestion regarding what move to make ?

    This was posted on on march 18th 2013

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    ask your consultancy B to run pay stubs n then file h1 B


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      what is inhouse project


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        How many recent pay stubs are really needed for H1-B petition


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          You need atleast 2-3 recent pay stubs in H1B. Without pay stubs and W2 it is for sure DENIED.


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            I guess your consultancy A should run the payrolls and file your H1. If they do not agree to then share the name, other will be cautioned before joining them..