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OPT extension or H1b...which is better?

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  • OPT extension or H1b...which is better?

    Which is better, working on OPT and then take OPT extension to continue work or Get H1B as soon as possible before taking OPT extension?

    Because while on OPT and its extension , you will get two chances to apply for H1b... if you get H1b in first chance then its fine... but if company says we will file your H1b in 2nd chance and we are not sure that they will file H1b or not then it might be a risk because after 2nd chance, we can not file H1b. So what to do? Is it better to demand for H1b in first chance itself (for our security and safety) from company...

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      h1b .. you get opt easily when compare to h1b


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        I suggest H1B asap. You cant tell if its going to be a lottery the next year.


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          Applying for H1b is preferable... If at all u miss being picked ... You will have another year.... You will not be charged if you are not picked anyways...


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            Dear Questioner, This is a typical question. You need to consider 2 things here. Applicants, who still have enough OPT, if they can wait until their turn that will be a good idea. This is because, if you are applying in advance, then you will be one of them, who are responsible for Lottery system and making vulnerable to the right applicants, who needs H1b real badly. Second one will be, if you are applying in advance, you will be loosing your valuable OPT Time. Just take this as an advise, so that it helps other applicants. Hope this answer helps you.. Thanks