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Need help!! POE trouble

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  • Need help!! POE trouble

    I have a major issue wrt to my re-entry into the US. I would like to know if I will face issues at the port of entry. My situation quite complex so I request you to read carefully:

    1. I am in India now and my I-20 is valid until Aug, 2014. I have a CPT authorization from Aug to Dec for my internship. I have valid passport / valid F-1 visa. I am returning in Aug to start my internship as a pursuant to CPT and resume school activities.

    2. Now I also have an H-1B visa approval based on my undergraduate degree (loose petition / consular processing as they call it. It is without change of status).

    3. The problem: Page 3 of I-20 has 3 things: a) My DSOs travel signature. b) CPT start and end dates and c) H1B approval details which says Change of status / Cap Gap extension which don't apply to my case. My SEVIS system INCORRECTLY reads as Change of Status (I am not changing status !!). I talked to the DSO and she said my SEVIS will be active but it says "change of status" and the SEVIS helpdesk people won't be able to remove the H-1B approval details. They will only remove the start date which currently reads Oct 01 so that my SEVIS is still active after Oct 01.

    What do I do now? I have letter from the DSO explaining the H-1B approval thing and letter from my professor too explaining that I need to come back to my university for research etc. Plus my i797B (not i797a) which clearly shows that it's Consular Notification and not a Change of Status case.

    What sort of questions should I expect at the port of entry?

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    Since your situation is complex, You can call attorneys for free advice. is collaborating with group of attorneys. You can contact them directly via email/ phone. Initial Consult is Free. Their information is listed on home page. we are providing direct links as well, please let us know your feedback after the call