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My H1B and 221G experience

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  • My H1B and 221G experience

    I recently went to india for a family visit. As i got my H1b picked this year i had to go for stamping. I booked my return flight as well as it was the same price(only 100$) difference so i taught everything would go well.

    My visa date 11/21/2016

    VO was a very strict american lady she kept on rejecting all F1s and others we were able to see when standing in the big queue, every one was worried that this lady should not be my officer.
    Counter 9, hyderabad

    I received a token for counter 9.. got panicked there were 5 ppl infront of me all applicants for F1 visa officer asked 30-40 questions and aslo asked few computer science questions(technical) to them she rejected all of them. Was panicked

    VO : Hi good afternoon
    Me: Hello very good afternoon
    VO: can i get your passport?
    Me: ya sure, here it is
    (She was looking at the system only)
    VO: i see you have done your masters in usa can you please explain about it?
    Me: i have done my MBA in technology from ××××××× university very few universitys offer this course, i choose this course becoz i did my bachelor's in computers so i dint wanted to move entirely to business/financial side so i choose this course.
    VO: How did you get this job and employer?
    Me: we had a campus career fair this employer like my profie a lot as i am having 3.75 gpa and 80% in my bachelors so they like my profie and wanted me computer and financial related jobs.
    VO : ohk can i get your 797 copy
    Me: here it is
    VO : i dont see your h1b copy electronically in my system can you go to counter 6 and come back (and handed back my passport and H1b copy)

    Came a side drank 2 glasses of water and went to counter 6. She was a Indian lady who new nothing. I explained her what happened then she took my passport and h1b copy and went to that lady she spoke with her and came back and said they are going to hold my h1b copy with them.

    Drank 2 more glasses of water.

    Went back to my counter there were 4 more ppl in front of me 1 h1b family they got approved 1 F1 girl she got approved other 2 boys on F1 rejected.

    My turn now

    VO: (gave me white slip) Sir we need additional processing on your application but wait i have to interview more before u leave.
    Me: (saw the form it said 221G and i acted normal not to show how panic i was and as if i new nothing) whats this for ?
    VO: Its an additional processing so we will hold your passport and 797 copy with us.
    VO: whos your petitioner ?
    Me: told
    VO : who do you work for them or any other client?
    Me: told
    VO : where do you work(office address)
    Me: told
    VO : whats your title, tell slowing i have to type all these info.
    Me: oh sure, sorry and told
    VO: what are your roles and responsibilities?
    Me: started telling and pulled client letter and employer letter
    VO: No,I dont need any documents
    Me: ohk
    VO: whats your salary ?
    Me: told
    VO: how long have you been working with them
    Me: told i was with this employer from a year.

    And asked few more questions about employer.

    Me : how long is this for the additional processing ?
    VO: dont worry its takes usually 1-2 weeks
    Me: oh ohk thats fine. I can happy work from happily form for 2 more weeks(internally i was panicked as my flight was in 4 days and i had to report in my office following week)
    VO: thank you do you have any other questions.
    Me: No thats it. Have a happy thanks giving weekend (told just to impress her as the coming weeked was thanks giving and as americas love to celebrate it)

    Dint no what to do i came back home in a shock and told my parents they gave me confidence saying they took your passport right so it will be done. Asusual mom started praying to GOD.

    I had my flight on 26th i.e Saturday. So i called my airways and told my sistuation they have a awesome option if u dont know when u will be travelling u can put your ticket to open status and you can travel any time in the next 1 year just for 150$ extra plus fare difference.

    I have seen online forums on 221g few ppl are getting it in cleared in 10 days or a month few ppl are getting in months and few in year and a half.

    Dint no what to do .. so started helping uncle in his business from next day becoz i dint have office laptop to work from home dint no what to tell my manager. Just waited.

    After 3 days of helping my uncle i just got fed up due to sudden change in my lifestyle, dint no what to do so was just at home.
    On the 4th day i.e 25th In the evening(4:15pm) was going to a temple to acompony a friend as soon as i started my journey i took my phone out and was surprised to see a mail

    "Please collect your passport"... yahooooo

    Was very happy Thanked God a lot.
    and collected the passport on sunday as Saturday the office is closed. And rebooked a new ticked on Tuesday and came back to USA. Went to office and told was not well could not come ( i already mailed on sunday for 2 days sick leave)

    What i conclude to tell you guys is be very confident for your H1B interview, dont panic and dont be rude, talk softly and gently to the office. Impress them by greeting them or wishing them or by asking some thing.

    If you have done your masters please relate how u r bachelor's and masters are linked and to u r job this is the most important part. If not linked be prepared to give genuine answer.
    If you get 221G dont panic, be confident and have faith in GOD. It will be done.

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        Thanks for sharing


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          Thanks for posting your experience..


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            Appreciated ur time and thank you so much. Congrats


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              Thanks for sharing your h1b experience, very helpful


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                Man you must have been in a hurry to use the restroom after drinking four glasses of water! Good info by the way. Thanks for a detailed picture. It helps other people who have never been through this.


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                  Thanks for sharing your experience. Its informative