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H1B stamping 221g query, already got 221g for F-1.

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  • H1B stamping 221g query, already got 221g for F-1.

    Hello DesiOpt,

    I have a concern about 221g during my H1B stamping. I got my first 221g (pink slip) during my F-1 stamping (took around a month to get processed) due to my Muslim name, now I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering which is on the TAL. My H1B got approved this year but I'm worried that I might get a 221g again. I am worried even more after the incident at Ohio State yesterday. Please share your experiences regarding 221g during H1B stamping while having H1B approved with a common Muslim name. People who have got 221g during F-1 and H1b stamping both will be really helping me with information.


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      Your message was posted anonymously on our 1st Dec - Please review comments from other users


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        I doubt it has anything to do with you having a muslim name - it probably has more to do with your degree in aerospace engg. Don't worry about anything but give yourself time between your visa application and your flight - like atleast 45 days. 221g gets slapped on for the weirdest of reasons - i've got it twice both for F1 applications. It always takes 45-60 days. I'm pretty sure I'll get it again when I have to get a new visa.


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          Don't worry about who you are. Be prepared to answer well about your masters degree because of the TAL


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            Oh *** u, so many get pink slips
            Due to my muslim name, what a joke, play the religion card, do u want quota in h1b too??


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              Waah fake profile pe keyboard warrior.


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                Woh sab chod, baat sahi he ki nahi woh bata, baage chale aajate he ek dusre ke sahare
                This has been happening to a lot of Indians, i am assuming the poster is Indian too, so saying because of his muslim name is nonsense, if it is, change ur name or the reason why ur name is percieved in such a manner


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                  This comment cracked me up


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                    It happens dude, sometimes even babies are flagged because they have the same name as some terrorist. Not to worry though, you'll likely lose time(if you get it) but you shouldn't be rejected. I had Saudi visas on my passport, but haven't had any problems. Don't worry.


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                      Why you think thats just because of religion ? If the work falls in the TAL category, visa officer has the right to put in administrative processing. I do not believe it has anything to do with "muslim" name !


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                        Trump will make everything alright


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                          He came with a concern instead of helping him you are targeting all the community if you can't answer him properly keep your fking ideas with you ..Idiot sumit shetty.