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My Salary of 20k doesn't qualify for H1B, What options do i have?

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  • My Salary of 20k doesn't qualify for H1B, What options do i have?

    I am getting a residency(certificate program)in the field of dentistry and i am enrolled in a masters program with valid I 20 til 2015.However my F1 expires in june 2013.The residency program i am getting offered pays only 20000$ as an annual stipend which does not qualify for H1B visa,so in that case what options do i have?

    This was posted on on March 30th 2013

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      If your program is going to end in 2015, there won't be any problem if your visa is expired. You will still be on F1 if you are already on F1.


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        As long as your I20 is valid.. You are in valid F1 status.


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          Question is not clear.. If you are currently enrolled in masters and u stay in school till 2015 u don't need H1-B.. Even if F1 gets expired, if u have valid I20 with full time status in school.. It wont create any problem for u.. Take care