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Act Now - White House Petition for Portable Work Authorization & Recapture 500K Green Cards

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  • Act Now - White House Petition for Portable Work Authorization & Recapture 500K Green Cards

    [B]No Respite for Highly-skilled Americans-in-Waiting. Need Portable Work Authorization & Recapture 500K Green Cards.[/B]

    It is the high time we get together and act. This might bring respite to people who are currently stuck in green card backlog for years but also people who may apply going forward. Do it for yourself and do it for the community. We are in this together.

    [B]Act Now. Please sign this White House Petition[/B] -

    Goal is to get 100K signatures by Aug 10. Clock is ticking.

    1. Put your name & Working email
    2. Submit the signature
    3. Go back to your email & confirm your email. Without confirming the email your signature will not be counted.


    This is 8th most popular petition right now.

    Let's do it guys.
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        Signed and spreading the petition!!!


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          "We want what American workers want – No H-1B worker increases"

          This is what the petition asks for. Essentially closing the door behind them. With this attitude, immigration will never be fixed. I am really surprised that you guys even mentioned this on your fb page and are asking people to support this petition. Please get your act together!


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            Thanks for your feedback - this is posted by one of our fan at, If you feel this petition is not useful, please comment at our forums at so they can share their perspective.


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              It is not closing the door behind - incase you aren't aware, there is a huge lobby work happening in the background to increase the number of H1B without addressing the fundamental issue & backlog, per country limit etc. after much thought out the language was used to spur the conversation rather than closing the door behind.


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                This is not about closing the door. This is to bring awareness that the door for Indians and Chinese students is virtually closed now. Anyone filing for GC today is not expecting it in their lifetime. If you don't wake up now and act on it, it might be too late! We are all in this mess together, the final outcome of all these actions is to make system fair for everyone. As of today it is not. Please don't let your dreams and aspirations die just becoz u r stuck in a broken


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                  How is it not closing the door behind you. You got an H1 and are waiting in line to get a green card. So you ask for more green cards and say lets not increase the H1 quota. IF you care about fixing a broken system, you would want a comprehensive reform and not just fix the aspect that makes things most convenient to you. And another thing that everyone needs to understand is no matter how the system is, that is the way it is. Immigration is not a right but a state privilege. If you don't like the system, leave. And before you say anything, that is exactly what I am doing.


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                    I am guessing both of you stand to benefit if what they ask in this petition is passed as law.


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                      With due respect " no matter how the system is, that is the way it is" I completely disagree. Even the finest of economies look for opportunities to get better. You are voicing the opinion of corps who want people to stuck in GC queue forever while they mint $$ at the cost of your career and life. In a broader scheme of things, it is not about closing the door but to make people aware of what they are getting into, to start a conversation. When you come to States with a dream to build a life do you want to get stuck for 20 years just figuring out your visa extensions. To summarize, intent is not to close the doors but to make a case for fixing the system first rather than just adding more and more people to the queue of misery.


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                        Dear Amod Mallya, I believe your argument is arising due to your lack of knowledge about how this whole cycle of Student Visa to H1B to Green Card works. Every bill that is being supported by tech firms, immigration lawyers and employers is about increasing H1B not about streamlining the whole process of H1B to Green Card. Reason for that is, because they know once you are in the queue for a Green Card with current regulations, you are basically stuck with an employer for a very long time. Who benefits from that situation? It's Employers, Immigration Lawyers, USICS. Except you the hard working immigrant, everyone else benefits. We are talking only the aspect which will give us relief, because no one is talking about it (Btw This is only piece that is missing from the comprehensive reform). So when you say Immigration is not a right but a privilege, the people who gives you that privilege does not automatically get the right to abuse your situation. And this fight is for that. So if this does not still make sense to you then I pity your ignorant rant.


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                          People who used h1b once wants to stop it for others