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Issued 221g pink slip -Impact of H1B approval

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  • Issued 221g pink slip -Impact of H1B approval

    Hi, I came to US for my Masters in August 2011. Before my visa was approved, I was issued 221g pink slip. My F1 visa was approved after 3 weeks BUT I got my F1 visa just for 2 years (expiring on the day of my graduation - the date mentioned on the I-20). So, my visa expired few days back (05/17/2013).
    Now I'm looking for full-time positions, and was wondering what happens when my H1B is going to be processed (hopefully next year). Will I be considered even though my F1 visa is expired?
    I am aware that I can legally stay in this country on an expired visa, but cannot re-enter if I were to travel abroad. Kindly help.

    This was posted on on May 24th 2013

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    Have a valid EAD... You should be fine. Just don't travel until u get a H1 in hand!