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What are my options if H1B is quota full?

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  • What are my options if H1B is quota full?

    Im MS grad, Opt expries in Jul 2013, so need to apply for H1 now. But I was working on contract jobs....which got over having itnerviews again....may get client/fulltime in next week. Just want to know how soon H1b quota can fill? what are options I have later? is it better to go on CPT with applying for F1 again and apply for H1 next yr? Also if MS quota filled and I applied thru open quota can I work from July to Oct; or have to go back to India and get stampped and come back?

    This was posted on on march 24th 2013
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    Also, for H-1 employees, be wary of an employer who requires you to find your own work/contract. When an employer sponsor files an H-1B petition on your behalf, they attest to the Department of Labor that they are going to fulfill certain conditions including paying you a prevailing wage. If you are being "benched", then the employer is likely not paying you the prevailing wage as required.


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