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Am I eligible for applying H1-B for 2014?

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  • Am I eligible for applying H1-B for 2014?

    Hi everyone. Please give me some valuable suggestion after reading my rare situation.I completed my masters in computer science in Australia last year. I came to USA and now pursuing advance certificate program in computer science. I am only eligible for 1 year of opt & I cannot get opt extension even I am computer science student. It’s a 1 year course I am planning to complete it by this fall (December 2013).After that I am planning to do opt.

    Am I eligible for applying H1-B for 2014. (I am having 2 years work experience& also good at academics).

    This was posted on on April 23rd 2013

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    Yes you can but u need to find a job who can give u a Client letter by April


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      Technically you are filing for the 2015 season, because 2014 has already filled. If you get OPT in Dec 2013, you will be eligible to apply for an H-1B for FY2015 on 1 Apr 2014, for a job to start no sooner than 1 Oct 2014. Since your OPT will not expire until Dec 2014, you should be fine...assuming there is no lottery. You will need to be VERY proactive and make SURE that your H-1B is ready to FILE on 3/31/2013.


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        Hello, Can I get more information on the advance certificate program in computer science?


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          Are you a citizen of Australia? If so, you can get an employer to sponsor you for the E-3 visa (very similar to the H-1, but it is never used up so there is no lottery). E-3 is only for Australian citizens.