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H1B in April and OPT in May 2015 as a backup

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  • H1B in April and OPT in May 2015 as a backup

    Hi Friends,

    I am COS-H4 to F1 student. I have F1 status approval i797 but no F1 stamp on passport. Currently I am working on CPT, and going to continue it upto August-2015, end of summer 2015. Summer 2015 will be my last semester. My employer is ready to file my H1B in April 2015. But my question is will it be okay to take H1B chance before graduation. I am aware about general quota and I have total IT background + prior MS degree & 4 years IT exp from India. So, H1B in general quota should be okay I guess! My concern is backup option. In my case, I'll be applying for H1B in April 2015 and OPT in May 2015. Want to have OPT incase H1B didn't get pick in lottery or gets rejected.
    My questions are:

    Q1: What will be the case if my H1B gets rejected or won't pick in lottery? Will my OPT application get affected because of that?
    Q2: If I won't get any answer/result of my H1B upto mid May, Can I apply for OPT with pending H1B application? Or I cannot apply for OPT upto approval or denial of H1B?
    Q3: I believe cap gap is only applicable to them who are currently on OPT. As I am on CPT cap gap won't applicable to me, is that true?

    Looking forward for your help! Thanks in advance!

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        1 nope u r h1 does not effect opt ..
        2 u r opt does not depend on h1.
        3 yes


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          1 No
          2 Talk to your dso they are the one who can answer this better
          3 yes but you have more 60 day plus opt


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            1. No
            2. You can apply for OPT
            3. Yes, it is not applicable for you.


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