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When to go for H1B Stamping .

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  • When to go for H1B Stamping .

    Hi All,
    I got H1B visa approved this October from company X (full-time). My boss has given me the end of this month as deadline to get a new job and transfer my H1. I am trying for new job but not able to get any interview calls, so it seems desi consultancy is apparent way.
    1. So, if I transfer my H1 to consultancy will it be hard to get H1 stamped in India?
    2. Since still I am full-time employee, is it better to go India now, get stamped and then change to consultancy?
    3. Since year end interview calls are less, transfer H1 to consultancy, go to India, get stamped, come back and then enter marketing.
    4. After every H1 transfer should I go for stamping each time or once if I get its done?

    Please share what to do in my case.
    Thanks in advance.

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