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Missed H1B quota: Travel now or after Back to school ?

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  • Missed H1B quota: Travel now or after Back to school ?

    Hi, Please suggest me a solution ...
    I missed this year's H-1b Quota,My LCA delayed so i couldn't send my packet till April 5th,2013. I'm planning to travel to India in May 2nd ,2013 - May 29th 2013
    Is it safe to travel india with my opt-stem expiring on jun 30th,2013 and F-1 visa expires on June 16th,2013.
    Is it safe to go back school and travel? please need your valuable suggestion.

    This was posted on on April 13th 2013

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    Don't travel right know bec it's not grantee that you enter back. If your opt is expires soon go to goldy becom college or infoserve in flushing u get CPT or contact XYZ for more detail info..... Best of Luck
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      Its not safe to travel at this point of time, as when you will be returning back to US, immigration officer will not let you enter saying your visa is expiring and even your stem opt in 1 month...there are greater chances of deporting you....better get I-20 from some school that offers CPT right away...such as ITU in CA and sullivan in KY.


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        Raj B Pande Thanks for your advice but take a moment to read our posting rules (find this on our wall) - No advertisements please. If you know any employer who can help students, please have them register at Can you please remove from your comment ? or shall we delete your comment.