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Traveled during H1B application

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  • Traveled during H1B application

    Hi All,

    Firstly I would like to thank all the members of DesiOPT who are helping alot of students.
    I'm stuck in confusion regarding my H1B. I'm a Masters student and I'm working on my OPT-STEM. Its valid till Dec 2014 and my visa is valid till Aug 2015. I have filed for H1B in 2014. My application got picked and I had to visit India for emergency during May 2014. After I returned to US I got RFE. I have provided my latest I-94 document along with the other RFE documents. Finally my H1B is approved but I-94 number hasn't been updated. I have below questions-

    1) What should I do to get my I-94 number update now?
    2) My attorney says I need to go back to India and get it stamped, but other than stamping is there any other way I can get my I-94 update?
    3) I heard from my friends that I can file for Change of Status. If I apply for change of status what would my case be - will it be from F1- H1B or H1B - F1 ? How much time will it take for my application to process and whats the fee structure ?
    4)Or do we have any other way to solve my problem?

    Thanks in Advance

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 27th)


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        If u get 797b then stamping is the best option to activate u r h1 ..


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          1) Did you get your change of status approved? If you got I797 A the you good but if its B it means that you H1b is approved and COS is denied. 2) I dont think there is a way for that you have to leave US and Come back again, if you dont want to travel to india again then Canada or Jamaica is a good option. 3) I think Amending you application might help, but best person to answer this will be your employers layer. I have seen articles where they talk about amending H1b might get you a new i94 number. 4) Research it a little and try to see if there is a different solution to the problem. Gooodd Luck..


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            Your H1B Approved before going to India or it got approved after returning from India?


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              i am in the same situation. i got 797C. What should be done to activate my H1b?