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Joining University if not selected in H1B Lottery- My Problems starts?

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  • Joining University if not selected in H1B Lottery- My Problems starts?

    Hello,My F1 visa has expired on May 31st 2012. I am on my opt extension now. I am planning to apply my H1b visa on April 1st 2014. As this year it came to lottery system for the H1b visas this year.. i am hoping it would be the same next year. I am planning to apply to an university to go back to school. Here the problem starts,
    1) What are the documents needed to apply for the university as i did my masters already.
    2) What if i get the i20, where do i need to go for the f1 visa stamping(Canada,Mexico) or back to home country.
    3) Can i travel to home country after getting visa in canada or mexico.

    This was posted on on April 10th 2013

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    International office of the respective universities can give you the correct information.


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      u don't need to go for visa stamping as long as you are in USA u will need it only if u move out of the country ...... And it's not advisable for you to go for stamping


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        It will just transfer you i20. U dont need not home country stamping. It is a normal admission.


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          The documents you would need would be same as u needed initially while applying for schools


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            But you may not need toefl as u are in us for more than 2 years ... You can call up the school to which you want to apply and explain then your situation thy will give u the accurate list Of what documents are needed


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              Hi, Please suggest me a solution ...
              My OPT-STEM expires on June 30th,2013 and F-1 visa expires on June 16th,2013.
              I'm planning to india between May 2nd ,2013 - May 29th 2013 (Attending Brother's wedding).
              I missed this year's H-1b Quota, what would you suggest me ?
              is it safe to travel in may 2013 when my visa expires on June 16th,2013?