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Hib stamping dilemma

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  • Hib stamping dilemma

    Hello Guys
    You have helped me out in a sticky situation before and i am hopefull the DesiOPT will help out this desi this time as well
    Here is my situation
    My H1B was picked up and approved for this fiscal year and i will be going to india on october 3rd for my marriage. I heard from many people that stamping is an issue in India and Canada is a much better option. Hence i decided that first i will go to Canada in the 4th week of september, get my H1 stamped and leave for india from there. I already got my Canadian Tourist Visa. However luck was not on my side and there were no dates available in any of the US consulates there in september. So i booked my interview for November 10th. Here is what i planned;
    1. Go to India on October 3rd, get married. Then fly to Canada on my tourist visa on Nov 9th. Attend interview on Nov 10th, hopefully it gets stamped and then enter US
    2. I also went ahead and booked another stamping interview in India on October 13th just in case option 1 is not possible. Please advise dear friends which option is more feasible
    Note: I got my H1b through a consultancy and the client is a fortune 15 company. My H1b was approved in 2 weeks without any RFEs. Just some extra info incase it helps in assessing my situation. Thank You in Advance

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (20th Aug)


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        When you had no issues in H1B approval and your application has no information that cannot be justified, why do you have to worry about stamping.

        Just FYI my legal firm asked me to get the stamping done in the home country rather than in a 3rd country... All should be fine. I am in the same situation, travelling to India to get married and get my stamping done at that time itself. The only difference is I'm an not working for a consultancy but an American company that sponsored my H1B.

        So stop worrying. congratulations on your marriage and all the very best for your stamping.


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          If u are working for a software company with consultancy in between, Jamaica is also a good place for stamping.. I heard it's better and safer than Canada and India.. I personally know at least 10 frnds who got stamping at Jamaica.. Gud luck anyway..

          And I also heard recently people who work through consultancy for a software company, getting h1 stamping in India.. But comparatively low %..


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            stamping in india is also fine time of recession it was big issue .. now approval rate is same as canada ..
            have all documents needed for stamping and all the best


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              It is fine in India too stamping rate is also good in India and do ur documentation well and attend the interview all the best buddy


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                If you are getting dates then Jamaica is best... In terms of Canada you have to book return ticket too... If expense is not a problem then it should be okay. Attending an interview in India is also not a bad idea unless there are some loop wholes in your documentation. Good Luck